Acces PCI-DA12 Series 12-Bit Analog Output Cards
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Acces PCI-DA12 Series 12-Bit Analog Output Cards


  • Universal PCI, PCI-X, 3.3V, and 5V Compatible
  • Program Control for Individual Update or Simultaneous Update of DACs
  • Unique, Automatic Control of DAC Outputs
  • Digital I/O Buffered with Tri-Stateable Transceivers

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This Acces PCI-DA12-6 12-Bit Analog Output Card is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: PCI-DA12-6
• 6 DACs

Stock # 67154-1

This board is sealed in the original static bag. This board is also known as the Kontron PCI-DA12-16.

• Channels: 16

Included Accessories:
• 37-Pin Expansion Cable, Approx. 18"

Stock # 67154-2

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The Acces PCI-DA12 Series 12-Bit Analog Output Cards are double-buffered digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that provide independent analog output channels of 12-bit resolution. Each Analog output channel can be configured for multiple ranges.

The PCI-DA12-2, -4, and -6 are half-size card that can be installed in any PCI slot of PC-AT class computers. They have two, four, and six DACs respectively.

The PCI_DA12-8 and PCI-DA12-16 are full-size cards that can be installed in long slots of PCI-Bus computers. They contain eight and sixteen independent double-buffered, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and three 16-bit counter/timers.

All of the PCI-DA12 Series cards have 8255 Compatible digital input/outputs, 16 bits are available on the PCI-DA12-2/4/6 models, and all 24 bits are available on the PCI-DA12-8/16 models.

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