ILX Lightwave BF-820 Bare Fiber Holder
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ILX Lightwave BF-820 Bare Fiber Holder


  • Easy Fiber Positioning Into the Holder
  • V-Guides Correctly Position Fiber Without Damaging It
  • Design Helps Avoid Changes in Polarization Due to Distortion
  • Blocks all Ambient Light From the Fiber and the Meter

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This ILX Lightwave BF-820 Bare Fiber Holder is sold as-is/parts without warranty and has been priced accordingly. This unit does not include the rubber grips for easy opening. Unit needs to be opened with other methods.

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The ILX Lightwave BF-820 Bare Fiber Holder brings new ease to the tedious task of positioning a bare fiber for power measurement. Designed for common telecom fiber, the BF-820 easily and consistently positions the fiber correctly, every time. Inside the BF-820 are opposing V-guides that position the fiber without breaking it or applying too much pressure. This avoids changes in polarization due to distortion. This easy-to-use fiber holder ensures repeatable results from test to test and from user to user.

Product Family: BF-820, BF820, BF 820
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

ILX Lightwave BF-820 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Newport / ILX Lightwave Website