Emerson / Mizar MZ7770 DSP VME Module
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Emerson / Mizar MZ7770 DSP VME Module


  • Dual and Quad Configurations
  • Dual Communication Connections
  • Reset Button
  • JTAG / RS232 Connection

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This Emerson / Mizar MZ7770-4N-11-10 Quad DSP VME Module is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 7770-4N-11-10
• 7770: 7770 Model
• 4N: Quad DPS Units @ 40MHz
• 11-10: 1MB SRAM

Stock # 67445-1

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The Emerson / Mizar MZ7770 DSP Module is a high-performance, scalable DSP solution for the most demanding applications. Each DSP is linked to every other on-board processor through a dedicated communication port. Thus, three of the 'C40's six communication ports are dedicated to on-board interprocessor communication. This leaves each 'C40 with three uncommited 20-MB/s communication ports for a total of 12 per MZ 7770. These communications ports are routed to the front panel so that 'C40s on multiple MZ 7770s can be interconnected to form a variety of multiprocessor architectures including 3-D mesh, ring, or hypercube.

Product Family: MZ7770, MZ 7770, MZ-7770, 7770, 7770-4N-11-10, 7770 4N 11 10, 77704N1110
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Emerson / Mizar MZ7770 DSP VME Module Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Emerson / Mizar Website