ThorLabs PA400 Series Polarimeter
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ThorLabs PA400 Series Polarimeter


  • Versatile "Full" Polarimeter
  • Rotating Quarter Waveplate Technique
  • Free Space Beams and Connectorized Fibers Supported

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This ThorLabs PA430 Polarimeter is used and in excellent condition. This unit consists of the PA430 Optical Head and Interface Box only. For additional accessories please contact manufacturer for pricing and availability.

PA430 Configuration:
• Sensor: Germanium Photodiode
• Operating Wavelength Range: 1100-1600nm
• Active Diameter: Φ5.0mm
• Optical Interface: FC

Stock # 67523-4

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The ThorLabs PA Series Polarimeter is a versatile 'full polarimeter,' which utilizes the rotating quarter waveplate (QWP) technique to measure the state of polarization (SOP) and degree of polarization (DOP) of an incident beam. Both free space beams and connectorized fibers are supported. The SOP is displayed numerically as a normalized Stoked vector, and graphically as a vector on a unit Poincare sphere. The DOP measurements include the total DOP, the degree of linear polarization (DOLP) and the degree of circular polarization (DOCP).

Product Family: PA410, PA410-EC, PA450, PA450-EC, PA460, PA460-EC, PA430, PA430-EC, PA410 EC, PA450 EC, PA460 EC, PA430 EC, PA410EC, PA450EC, PA460EC, PA430EC
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Operating Wavelength Range
Power Range30nW-3mW
Accuracy D.O.P.±1.0% at Calibrated Wavelength
±1.5% Over Operating Range

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

ThorLabs PA400 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
ThorLabs PA400 Series Manual (pdf) 
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