Symmetricom / Bancomm / Datum bc420VXI / bc427VXI RF Pulse Analyzer
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Symmetricom / Bancomm / Datum bc420VXI / bc427VXI RF Pulse Analyzer


  • Pulse Rate Interval Measurement
  • Pulse Width Measurement
  • Pulse Carrier Frequency Measurement
  • VXIbus Form Factor
  • Single-Width C-Size Module
  • Message-Based Command Interface
  • Dual Memory
  • Register-Based Data Interface

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This Symmetricom / Bancomm / Datum bc420VXI RF Pulse Analyzer is used and in excellent condition.

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The Symmetricom / Bancomm / Datum bc420VXI / bc427VXI RF Pulse Analyzer is a breakthrough product for the high data rate acquisition and analysis of radar and Electronic Intelligence, ELINT, signals in a compact VXI module architecture. The bc420VXI / bc427VXI measures and records Pulse Width, PW, Pulse Repetition Interval, PRI, and frequency of a pulsed RF input on a pulse-to-pulse basis. The standard bc420VXI uses an external 1 PPS reference input as the timing source. The bc427VXI adds an internal GPS receiver module, providing a timing source that is directly traceable to international time standards. Other RF pulse analysis instruments can sample pulse parameters and frequency, but not continuously. The bc420VXI / bc427VXI, by virtue of its state of the art DSP RF processing technology, offers a unique capability of acquiring PW, PRI, and frequency of all pulses, in real time, continuously. This breakthrough is especially valuable for the analysis of the doppler and agile pulsing characteristics of current generation radar and EW systems, where acquisition and analysis of ALL pulses is needed to completely characterize the test or target system.

Product Family: bc420VXI, bc420 VXI, bc420-VXI, bc 420VXI, bc 420 VXI, bc 420-VXI, bc-420VXI, bc-420 VXI, bc-420-VXI, bc427VXI, bc427-VXI, bc427V XI, bc 427VXI, bc 427-VXI, bc 427V XI, bc-427VXI, bc-427-VXI, bc-427V XI
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