Agilent / HP 3580A Spectrum Analyzer
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Agilent / HP 3580A Spectrum Analyzer


  • 1-300 Hz Bandwidth
  • Digital Storage for Spectra Comparison
  • Adaptive Sweep
  • 1 Hz Bandwidth
  • Digital Frequency Display
  • Internal Calibration Signal

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This Agilent / HP 3580A Spectrum Analyzer is used and in excellent condition.

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The Agilent / HP 3580A Spectrum Analyzer is a low frequency high performance analyzer. Its 1 Hz bandwidth allows the user to examine noise and extraneous signal content close in to a signal of interest.

For low frequency applications where sweep speeds can be slow and time-consuming, a special feature, adaptive sweep, allows the user to set a threshold above which only the spectra of interest are observed. In this mode, the CRT is rapidly swept. When a signal is encountered, the sweep slows down to reproduce full response. A factor of ten speed gain is possible.

Digital storage is another important feature which enhances the display for slowly swept low frequency signals. The analyzed signals are digitized and stored in memory. Trace information is then read from memory at a rate appropriate for obtaining an analog-like display.

Product Family: 3580A, 3580-A, 3580 A
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Agilent / HP 3580A Datasheet (pdf) 
Agilent / HP 3580A Manual (pdf) 
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