Sage Instruments 930A Communications Test Set
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Sage Instruments 930A Communications Test Set


  • Measures Level and Frequency
  • Measures Noise
  • Measures Noise-to-Ground
  • Measures Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Measures Return Loss

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This Sage Instruments 930A Communications Test Set is used and in excellent condition.

Front Panel Module Installed:
PCM I/O Module

Options Installed:

1: DP, MF, DTMF Receiver / Anaylzer
2: SF Supervision
6: Peak-to-Average Ratio (P/AR)
7: 3-Level Impulse Noise
9E: DS-1 PCM Dual Direction Drop / Insert with D4 Superframe and ESF Capability
10: RS232C Remote Control/Printer Interface
12: Remote Office Test Line (ROTL), Interrogator, Responder (Type 105 Format)
18: Phase / Amplitude Jitter and Hits
19: Envelope Delay Distortion
20: 4-Tone Intermodulation Distortion
21: Absolute Delay
22: DS1 and DS0 (56/64 kbps) Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT)
25: FXO/FXS PCM Supervision
29: Batch Mode Testing
32: Unknown Option
44: Customer Service Unit (CSU)

Input Voltage: 115 VAC Only

Stock # 68501-1

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The Sage Instruments 930A Communications Test Set combines the functions of a Voiceband Transmission Measurement Set, Return Loss Measurement Set, and a Dial Pulse, Touch Tone (DTMF), and Multi-Frequency (MF) Sender in one lightweight package. The test set also provides Talk Battery to enable the user to talk over the trunk under test.

This test set, while of general purpose in nature, is particularly useful for DEMARC and Central Office testing, as well as PBX and Digital Switch installation testing. It is capable of performing all transmission and signaling tests required at these locations, including those for Feature Groups A - D (Equal Access). The 930A can completely simulate either a PBX or Central Office switch (Local or Toll).

Product Family: 930A, 930-A, 930 A
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