Kinetic Systems 3992 Serial Highway Driver
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Kinetic Systems 3992 Serial Highway Driver


  • Complies with CAMAC Specifcations IEEE-583 and IEEE-595
  • Bit-Serial and Byte-Serial Modes to Five Megahertz
  • Crystal-Controlled and Variable-Frequency Clock Sources
  • Flexible Means for Selecting Clock Frequency
  • Separate Buffers for Incoming Demand and Reply Messages
  • Lost-Sync Indication
  • 12-bit LAM Register with Mask and Front-Panel LED Display
  • Seven Internal Registers
  • Four Internal Status Signals

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This Kinetic Systems 3992-Z1A Serial Highway Driver is used and in excellent condition.

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The Kinetic Systems 3992 Serial Highway Driver is a three-wide CAMAC module which transmits and receives signals on the CAMAC Serial Highway. It fully complies with CAMAC specifcations IEEE-583 and IEEE-595. Bit-serial and byte-serial ports for data and clock are provided for transmitting command messages and for receiving Reply and Demand messages.

Product Family: 3992-Z1A,3992Z1A,3992 Z1A
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Kinetic Systems 3992 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to DynamicSignals / Kinetic Systems Website