TDK-Lambda LOS-Z Series Regulated Power Supply
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TDK-Lambda LOS-Z Series Regulated Power Supply


  • Regulated Power Source
  • AC/DC Modular Frame Construction
  • Provides Reliable Power Delivery

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This Lambda LOS-Z-5 Regulated Power Supply is used and in excellent condition.

• Max Voltage: 5 VDC
• Max Current at 40 Degrees Celcius: 3.0 A
• Input: 105-125 VAC or 210-250 VAC at 47-63 Hz

Stock # 68816-1

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This TDK-Lambda LOS-Z Series model are regulated power supplies which utilize a AC/DC Modular Frame Construction and provides reliable power delivery.

Product Family: LOSZ5, LOS Z 5, LOSZ 5, ABA-LOS-Z-5-2, LOS-Z-2, LOS-Z-5, LOS-Z-6, LOS-Z-12, LOS-Z-15, LOS-Z-20, LOS-Z-24, LOS-Z-28, LOSZ2, LOSZ5, LOSZ6, LOSZ12, LOSZ15, LOSZ20, LOSZ24, LOSZ28, LOS Z 2, LOS Z 5, LOS Z 6, LOS Z 12, LOS Z 15, LOS Z 20, LOS Z 24, LOS Z 28
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TDK-Lambda LOS-Z Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to TDK-Lambda Website