TDK-Lambda LC Series Regulated Power Supply
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TDK-Lambda LC Series Regulated Power Supply


  • 9 Package Sizes
  • 0.01% Reg Line or Load
  • Computer Grade Hermetically Sealed 10-Year Life Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Designed for Use With Breadboard

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This TDK-Lambda LCS-CC-03 Regulated Power Supply is used and in excellent condition.

LCS-CC-03 Configuration:

• 0-32 Volts Adjusted DC
• 0.01%±1 mV;
• Ripple: 250µV
• Complete Electrical Spec.: 39PG

Stock # 69215-1

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The TDK-Lambda LC Series Regulated Power Supply comes in 9 package sizes. It has computer grade hermetically sealed 10 year life electrolytic capacitors and is designed for use with breadboards.

Product Family: LC-2, LC-A, LC-4, LC-B, LC-C, LC-CC, LC-D, LC-E, LC-EELCS-2-01, LCS-A-01, LCS-B-01, LCS-C-01, LCS-CC-01, LCS-D-01, LCS-D-01, LCS-CC-02, LCS-2-03, LCS-A-03, LCS-B-03, LCS-C-03, LCS-2-04, LCS-A-04, LCS-2-05, LCS-A-05-OV, LCS-B-5-OV, LCS-C-5-OV, LCS-CC-5-OV, LCS-D-5-OV, LCS-E-5-OV, LCS-EE-5-OV, LM-CC, LCS-CC, LXS-CC, LM-D, LCS-D, LXS-D, LXD-D, LXT-D
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TDK-Lambda LC Series Datasheet 
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