Tektronix TekXPress XP25 / XP27 / X29 X-Terminal
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Tektronix TekXPress XP25 / XP27 / X29 X-Terminal


  • Tekcolor Color Management System (CMS)
  • Color Selection, Editing, Screen-to-Printer Color Matching
  • Thin Client: Runs X Server
  • 16.6 MHz Motorola 68030 Processor
  • Texas Instruments 34020 Graphics Processor

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This Tektronix TekXPress XP27 X-Terminal CRT Display is used and in excellent condition. This unit does not include a keyboard. This unit is also known as a Network Computing Devices X27 X-Terminal.

XP27 Display Configuration:

• 19-in Screen
• 1152 x 900 Color Resolution

Logic Unit Configuration:

• Boot Version: 3.0
• Opt Rom Version: 0.0
• CPU Standard Memory: 4 MB
• CPU Optional Memory: 2 MB
• GPU Optional Memory: 1 MB
• GPU Optional Memory: 2 MB
• GPU Video Memory: 1 MB

Part Numbers: XP27, XPF22, XPF3L, 119-3916-00

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The Tektronix TekXPress C-230 Module features a Tekcolor Color Management System (CMS), color selection, editing, screen-to-printer color matching, and runs X Server. It also has a high quality 18 inch CRT Monitor.

Product Family: LAN 08 00 11 01 0B 02, B041321, XP27, XPF22, B010644, XPF3L, B010320, LAN 08 00 11 01 0B 02, 2+pkt
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