Joerger Enterprises SMC-L CAMAC Optical Isolated Driver
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Joerger Enterprises SMC-L CAMAC Optical Isolated Driver


  • Complete Motor Control and Drive Capability in a CAMAC Module
  • Drivers are Optically Isolated and Internally Baised
  • Adjustable Linear Acceleration and Deceleration Time
  • Manual Mode of Operation

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This Joerger Enterprises SMC-L CAMAC Optical Isolated Driver is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 70058-5

This Joerger Enterprises SMC-L CAMAC Optical Isolated Driver is used and in excellent condition. This unit is missing its protective casing.

Stock # 70058-6

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The Joerger Enterprises Model SMC-L is a self contained stepping motor controller and optically isolated driver packaged in a single width CAMAC module. It's features provide the ability to satisfy most stepping motor applications. The module has adjustable linear acceleration and deceleration to provide an efficient method of driving high torque loads at their maximum speed. The speed range is 50pps to 2000pps with other ranges available if required. The four drivers are capable of switching up to 4 amps per phase at 28 volts. To simplify installation the drivers are biased internally. This means the only components required are the current limiting resistors, which must be determined in each application to satisfy the current and voltage requirements of the motor. The drivers feature low saturation voltage to limit the power dissipation inside the module. Three external, high level logic inputs are used to test the status of the external system, a clockwise limit, counterclockwise limit, and a signal that indicates power is being applied to the motor. Logic is provided that will inhibit the driver if a limit signal is received and the motor is requested to, or is stepping in that direction. The number of steps is determined by a 16 bit command word that is in 2's compliment. Bit 16 determines direction and the remaining 15 bits contain the number of steps to be performed. An interrupt structure is provided to improve system integration. A LAM F.F will be set by either a CW or CCW limit or when the counter reaches zero, indicating the end of a cycle.

Product Family: SMC-L
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Joerger Enterprises SMC-L Datasheet (pdf) 
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