Newport / ILX Lightwave SSB-9200 High Density Source Bank
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Newport / ILX Lightwave SSB-9200 High Density Source Bank


  • Up to 100 Channels Per Mainframe
  • SCPI Compliant GPIB Interface
  • Large TFT-VGA Display
  • Flexible Internal and External Modulation Capability
  • Integrated Optical Components
  • Adjustable Coherence Control

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This ILX Lightwave SSB-9200 High Density Source Bank is used and in fair condition. This unit gives an error message which reads, "ERROR: No laser sources modules found. Power down and add modules now." We don't have the expertise to fully test this unit.


• Optical Connectors: FC/APC
• PC/II+DX System Firmware 1.72
• 64 Modules Installed with Part Number NLK1556STG

View Photo of a screenshot showing the error message
View Photo of a close-up of the error message

DiodeWavelength (nm)DiodeWavelength (nm)DiodeWavelength (nm)DiodeWavelength (nm)
31537.400191583.690 35Not Available 511597.190
41577.030201543.730 36Not Available 521556.550
51538.190211584.530 371550.920531598.040
61577.860221544.530 381591.260 541597.190
71538.980231585.360 391592.100 551598.890
81578.690241545.320 401551.720 561557.360
91539.770251546.120411598.950 571599.750
101579.520261586.200421552.520 581558.170
111540.560271546.920431553.330 591559.790
121580.350281587.040441593.790 601558.980
131581.180291587.880451554.130 611560.610
141541.350301547.780 461594.640 621600.610
151582.020311549.510471595.490 631602.310
161542.140321588.730 481554.940641531.420

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The ILX Lightwave SSB-9200 was developed in response to the evolving demands of DWDM component, amplifier, and system testing. The SSB-9200 system accommodates up to 100 sources per mainframe, so it can easily handle large-channel-count test systems. With a large TFT-VGA display, easy-to-use menu-driven front panel, and a SCPI-compliant GPIB interface, the SSB-9200 is ready for all the user's manual and automated testing needs. With flexible internal and external modulation capability (including adjustable coherence control) as well as integrated optical components, the SSB-9200 will fit seamlessly into the user's testing environment.

Product Family: SSB-9200, SSB 9200, SSB9200
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