Kikusui 6701 Wow/Flutter Meter
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Kikusui 6701 Wow/Flutter Meter


  • Max Input Voltage Sensitivity of 100 μV (-80 dBv)
  • Very High Wow and Flutter Measuring Sensitivity
  • Crystal Oscillator Reference Signal

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This Kikusui 6701 Wow/Flutter Meter is used and in excellent condition.


• 240 VAC

Stock # 71054-1

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The Kikusui 6701 Wow/Flutter Meter measures wow and flutters of various recording/reproducing devices including audio tape recorders, video tape recorders, disc record players, and cine sound recorders. The measurement comply with the following standards:

The input voltage sensitivity is as high as 100 μV (-80 dBv), allowing direct measurement of the playback head output signal of a tape recorder. The wow and flutter measuring sensitivity also is very high - the instrument has a 0.01% FS range with minimum measuring division of 0.002%.

The instrument employs a highly stable crystal oscillator for providing a reference signal (3 kHz/3.15 kHz). To indicate the tape speed, the instrument employs a 4-digit frequency counter. The gate time of the counter can be referenced to the crystal oscillator output signal or to the AC line frequency (50/60 Hz). Frequency ratio measurement with respect to the reference signal (3 kHz/3.15 kHz) also is possible. Further, the frequency counter can be used for independent frequency measurement for a range of 10 Hz ~ 9999 Hz.

The instrument has output terminals for oscilloscope and pen recorder, for observation and measurement of wow/flutter waveform and period.

Incorporated with the above features, the instrument is widely applicable for wow and flutter measurements in research and development, manufacturing, inspection and maintenance of various types of recording/reproducing devices.
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Kikusui 6701 Manual (pdf) 
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