ADInstruments PowerLab SP Series Data Recording Units
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ADInstruments PowerLab SP Series Data Recording Units


  • Onboard Computing Power
  • Front Panel Input Connectors
  • Front Panel Indicator LEDs

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This ADInstruments PowerLab/16SP Data Recording Unit is used and in excellent condition.


• 16 Analog Input Connectors
• 2 Single-Ended or Differential Outputs
• Maximum Sampling Rates:
    • 200 kHz on one channel
    • 100 kHz on two channels
    • 40 kHz on three or four channels
    • 20 kHz on five to eight channels
    • 10 kHz on nine to sixteen channels

Stock # 71063-1

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The ADInstruments PowerLab SP Series Data Recording Units are part of an integrated system of hardware and software designed to record, display, and analyze experimental data. The PowerLab SP Series has considerable computing power of its own and performs many tasks that are necessary during data recording.

Product Family: PowerLab SP, PowerLab-SP, PowerLabSP, PowerLab/16SP, PowerLab16SP, PowerLab 16SP, PowerLab-16SP
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

ADInstruments PowerLab SP Series Manual (pdf) 
Link to ADInstruments Website