C-CAN HFR HF / HF-APF / MC Series Communication Rectifiers
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C-CAN HFR HF / HF-APF / MC Series Communication Rectifiers


  • 3.5 Digit LCD for Amps and Volts
  • Meter Accuracy: ±1%, ±1 Digit
  • Float/Equalize Selector Buttons
  • Front Panel Status Indicators
  • Front Panel Alarm Indicators

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This C-CAN HFR 48/50HF-APF Communication Rectifier is used and in excellent condition.

Model: HFR 48/50HF-APF


• Horizontal Fan Cooled
• Active Power Factor Corrected
• Input Voltage: 220 VAC
• Output Voltage: 48 VDC

Stock # 71198-1

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The C-CAN HFR HF / HF-APF / MC Series Communication Rectifiers built in a modular fashion using an aluminum cabinet to permit light weight and high durability. Within the HFR module there are the following sub-assemblies: The faceplate (including display and meter boards, and fan filters), the power module (including power board, interface board, control board, and fans), and the main cabinet (including input surge suppression, diode bridge, input filtering, breakers, and input/output connectors). The modular design of the rectifier allows quick and easy removal and repair of any failed components in the rectifier.

The DC connections are made using a high current DC connector which is easy to remove and install. AC connections are made on standard terminal blocks which provide a high contact area connection that permits very easy and reliable terminations without the aid of any tools except for a flat head screwdriver that is used to loosen, or tighten, the terminal screws. AC connections are protected by a box/cover which held shut by Phillips screws to prevent unintentional contact.

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

C-CAN HFR-HF Series Datasheet (pdf) 
C-CAN HFR HF / HF-APF / MC Series Manual (pdf) 
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