Stanford Research SR770 FFT Network Analyzer
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Stanford Research SR770 FFT Network Analyzer


  • DC to 100 kHz Bandwidth
  • 90 dB Dynamic Range
  • Low-Distortion Synthesized Source
  • Harmonic, Band and Sideband Analysis
  • 100 kHz Real-Time Bandwidth
  • Hardcopy Output to Printers and Plotters
  • GPIB and RS-232 Interface

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This Stanford Research SR770 FFT Network Analyzer is used and in excellent condition.

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The Stanford Research SR770 is a single-channel 100 kHz FFT spectrum analyzer with a dynamic range of 90 dB and a real-time bandwidth of 100 kHz. Additionally, the SR770 includes a low-distortion source which allows you to measure the transfer functions of electronic and mechanical systems. The speed and dynamic range of this instrument, coupled with its flexibility and many analysis modes, makes it the ideal choice for a variety of applications including acoustics, vibration, noise measurement and general electronic use.

Product Family: SR760, SR 770, SR-770
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Stanford Research SR770 Datasheet (pdf) 
Stanford Research SR770 Manual (pdf) 
Link to Stanford Research Website