Agilent / HP 3577A Network Analyzer and 35677A / 35677B S-Parameter Test Set
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Agilent / HP 3577A Network Analyzer and 35677A / 35677B S-Parameter Test Set


  • 100 kHz to 200 MHz Scattering Parameter Test Set
  • GPIB Interface
  • Vector Averaging
  • 1 Hz Resolution Bandwidth

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This Agilent / HP 3577A and 35677B Network Analyzer and S-Parameter Test Set is used and in excellent condition. This unit does have some noise on the screen display. It does not affect operation and the unit has been priced accordingly.

Stock # 71591-1

This Agilent/HP 35677B S-Parameter Test Set is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 71591-2

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The Agilent / HP 3577A Network Analyzer is a three-input, dual trace, synthesized, 5 Hz - 200 MHz programmable network analyzer. it features menu-driven operation, using eight softkeys located next to the menu display area of the CRT. A menu is a list of softkey labels that appears on the CRT next to the softkeys. Display a menu by pressing the hardkey for the parameter to be modified or the measurement to be made. This permits control of many features with a minimum number of front panel keys by redefining the softkeys with each new menu. Marker information and sweep parameters are displayed above and below the CRT graticule and give the current instrument status.

Trace information displayed on the Agilent / HP 3577A CRT is digitally stored as complex data (real and imaginary) in trace memory. Using the storage and math processing capabilities of the Agilent / HP 3577A, up to eight different display formats may be derived from the same trace data and changes in scale may be made without repeating the measurement.

All Agilent / HP 3577A graticules are electronically generated on teh screen as part of the display operation. Thus, no screen overalys are needed for polar or log graticules or the Smith chart. In log sweep the graticule changes to reflect changes in start and stop frequencies.

The Agilent / HP 35677A / 35677B S-Parameter Test Set is a 100 kHz to 200 MHz scattering parameter test set built for use with the Agilent / HP 3577A Network Analyzer. The A Model has 50Ω test ports and the B model has 75Ω test ports. This test set provides a convenient method for making reflection and transmission measurements of one and two-port devices. The Agilent / HP 3577A provides signal, power, and control for the test set and provides a menu which includes S-parameter softkey selections S11, S21, S12, and S22.

Product Family: 3577, 35677
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Agilent / HP 3577A and 35677A / 35677B Manual (pdf) 
Link to Keysight / Agilent Website