JDSU 320A 3 GHz Optical-to-Electrical Receiver
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JDSU 320A 3 GHz Optical-to-Electrical Receiver


  • Optical-to-Electrical Converter
  • 3 Gb/s Limiting Amplifier
  • Optimized for High-Speed, Low-Level Optical Signals

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This JDSU 320A 3 GHz Optical-to-Electrical Receiver is used and in excellent condition.

Model: 320A-33ST


• Optical Interface: PC*
• Fiber Type: Single Mode
• Wavelength Range: 1100-1600 nm

Our Technician Tested:
• Max Input Power (Low Power Input): -10 dBm
• Max Input Power (High Power Input): 3 dBm

*This unit comes with the standard Acterna / W&G optical interface as shown here. The JDSU / Acterna / W&G 2060 Universal Test Adapters are sold separately. They can be purchased here.

Stock # 71690-1

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The JDSU 320A 3 GHz O/E Receiver detects and converts optical signals into electrical signals for the purpose of transmitter waveform analysis and testing, including error rate testing. It is optimized for analysis of high-speed, low-level optical signals from single-mode fiber sources. The high bandwidth (3 GHz) and high gain (2500 V/W) enable detection and analysis of up to 2.5 Gb/s signals at levels down to below -30 dBm. The receiver is also equipped with a high-level input port for direct connection of laser sources at power levels up to +3 dBm without overload.

The receiver consists of a 3 GHz bandwidth optical-to-electrical (O/E) converter (1100 to 1600 nm) and a 3 Gb/s limiting amplifier. The detector out port for the O/E converter is DC coupled and automatically nulled to <±100 µV DC. The nulling is automatically performed when the receiver does not have an optical input.

Product Family: 320A, 320-A, 320 A
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JDSU 320A Manual (pdf) 
Link to VIAVI Solutions / JDSU Website