New Focus 1400 Series Photodetector
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New Focus 1400 Series Photodetector


  • High-Speed Performance
  • Optical-Input Flexibility
  • Internal Microwave Housing
  • Damage-Resistant Bias Circuits

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This New Focus 1431-50 Multi-Mode Photodetector Module is used and in excellent condition. This unit comes with a wooden storage box. This module uses an internal 9-V battery; the battery is used.


• Wavelength Range: 550-1330 nm
• 3-dB Bandwidth: 25 GHz
• Rise Time: 17 ps
• Maximum Conversion Gain: 5 V/W
• Typical Maximum Responsivity: 0.2 A/W
• Output Impedance: 50 ohms
• cw Saturation Power: 10 mW
• Maximum Pulse Power: 200 mW
• Detector Material/Type: InGaAs/Schottky
• ST/PC Optical Interface
• Electrical Interface: Wiltron K (2.92mm)

Stock # 71762-5

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The New Focus Model 1400 Series photodetectors were designed to offer the ideal combination of high-speed performance (up to 25 GHz) and optical-input flexibility. These high-speed photodetectors show flat response in both amplitude and phase up to 25 GHz and are optimized for frequency-domain applications. For time-domain applications, we recommend our 144X and 145X photodetectors.

An internal microwave housing suppresses noise, pick-up, and other artifacts. Moreover, to limit damage due to excessive voltage or mishandling, these photodiodes have damage-resistant bias circuits and are powered by an easily replaceable internal 9-V battery. All these detectors come equipped with a DC-bias monitor that has a transimpedance gain of 1 mV/µA and a 50-kHz bandwidth. By combining these detectors with our Model 1422 traveling-wave amplifier, you can detect microwatt optical signals with 20-GHz bandwidth and minimal distortion.

Product Family: 1411, 1414, 1417, 1431, 1434, 1437
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New Focus 1400 Datasheet (pdf) 
New Focus 1400 Manual (pdf) 
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