Agilent / HP J3988A OC-12 ATMProbe
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Agilent / HP J3988A OC-12 ATMProbe


  • Monitors Both Directions of Full-Duplex Signal
  • 6-Pin Mini-DIN Bypass Connector
  • Flash EPROM

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This Agilent / HP J3988A OC-12 ATMProbe is used and in excellent condition.


• Optical Interface: SC/PC
• CPU: AMD-K6™-2: 300 MHz
• Cache RAM: 512 MB
• System Memory: 640 KB
• Extended Memory: 127 MB

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The Agilent / HP J3988A OC-12 ATMProbe base hardware configuration supports an OC-12 ATM interface, a 10Base-T/100Base-TX telemetry interface, and a PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) connection. The OC-12 ATM interface monitors both directions of a full-duplex circuit simultaneously. Probe data is retrieved using SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) via a LAN or PPP connection. The OC-12 ATM interface uses either multimode or single-mode transceivers with two Fiber SC connectors.

The OC-12 ATMProbe has a 6-pin mini-DIN connector (Bypass Power) that allows the ATMProbe to be connected to an external optical bypass. For multimode fiber interfaces using Fiber SC connectors, the optical bypass maintains the network link even if the OC-12 ATMProbe has a power interruption.

The ATMProbe maintains a variety of statistical measurements on network performance, continuously keeping track of traffic levels, errors, and other important trends. A variety of alarm thresholds can be set to immediately alert the network manager or to initiate a packet trace to capture details of an event for later analysis. AAL-5 traffic and error levels are monitored for the ATM connection. Information is available on a per-PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit) basis or as an aggregate of all active SVCs. This information is presented as a single set of statistics.

Product Family: J3988A, J3988-A, J3988 A, J 3988A, J 3988-A, J 3988 A, J-3988A, J-3988-A, J-3988 A
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Agilent / HP J3988A Manual (pdf) 
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