Dawn VME SLB-9838 VME64x Slot Load Board
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Dawn VME SLB-9838 VME64x Slot Load Board


  • Test Points are Short Circuit Protected and Connecting Directly to the Backplane, Enabling Direct Measurement of Backplane Voltages from the Front Panel
  • Indicators Visually Show Load Levels on Active Voltage Rails
  • Switches Are Used to Select Resistive Loads for Each Voltage at No-Load, Half-Load, or Full-Load Condition
  • Thermocouple Access Holes Are Provided to Allow Access for Typical Leads to Pass Through the Front Panel, While Containing Air Flow Through the Slot
  • 2 oz. Copper Power and Ground Planes Reduce Voltage Drop
  • Accommodation for Test Probes at J0 Connectors
  • High Quality, Rugged Inject/Eject Card Guide Handles

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This Dawn VME SLB-9838 VME64x Slot Load Board is used and in excellent condition.

Part Number: 11-1009838, 06-1009838, 05-1009838

Stock # 72122-1

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The Dawn VME SLB-9838 VME64x Slot Load Board is capable of fully loading each pin on every slot to allow accurate characterization of system performance. This board allows a simple, cost effective, low risk solution to fully test your system performance.

Product Family: SLB9838, SLB 9838
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Power Rating
+3.3 VDC66 W
+5 VDC80 W
+12 VDC24 W
-12 VDC24 W
48 V (V1)96 W
48 V (V2)96 W

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Dawn VME SLB-9838 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Dawn VME Website