Ericsson / Marconi / FORE Systems SBA-200 / 200E SBus ATM Adapter
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Ericsson / Marconi / FORE Systems SBA-200 / 200E SBus ATM Adapter


  • 25 MHz i960 RISC Processor
  • DMA Support
  • Status LEDs
  • 256 KB On-Board RAM

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This Ericsson / Marconi / FORE Systems SBA-200 SBus ATM Adapter is used and in excellent condition.


• ST Connectors

Part Number: ACCA0092-2002, PCBS0092 Rev D

Stock # 72125-1

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The Ericsson / Marconi / FORE Systems SBA-200E is a high performance adapter designed for use in a Sun SPARCstation or SPARCserver. The SBA-200E adapter provides ATM connectivity for the host systems, and is able to support evolving signalling and AAL standards. The adapter features FORE Systems' Advanced Cell Processing Architecture, providing maximum network performance to all running applications. In addition, the SBA-200E provides transparent support for TCP/IP, Switched Virtual Circuits (SVCs) through the SPANS and UNI 3.0 or 3.1 signaling protocols, Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs), Classical IP, LAN emulation, an ATM Applications Programmer Interface (API), and an SNMP agent for network management.

The SBA-200E supports high-quality image, full-motion video, CD-quality audio, and high speed data communications over a single ATM network connection. Each physical connection in an ATM LAN is a point-to-point link between switches and/or hosts.
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

FORE Systems SBA-200E Manual (pdf) 
Link to Ericsson / Marconi / FORE Systems Website