ShibaSoku TG-7/1 Television Test Signal Generator
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ShibaSoku TG-7/1 Television Test Signal Generator


  • Gen-Block and Color-Lock with Any Composite Video Signal Input
  • Provides All Standard Drive and Sync Output Signals
  • Black Burst Output
  • Chroma Phase Fully Variable 360o
  • Local or Remote Operation Signal Selection

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This ShibaSoku TG-7/1 Television Test Signal Generator is used and in excellent condition.

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The ShibaSoku TG-7/1 Television Test Signal Generator is an extremely flexible, modular test generator system designed for use in television studios, VCR and tape research and development laboratories. When used wiht the optional GP-IB interface and the QB102B, the TG-7 can be used for automated testing applications for manufacturing or quality control labs.

The TG-7 mainframe houses the main power supply and the internal sync generator. With over 14 different signal modules available, the TG-7 is one of the most flexible generator systems available, providing all the the internationally acceptable video test signals.

Up to three modules can be installed in the mainframe at one time. A simple three-position switch set selects the appropriate module to the main signal output, or the signal may be selected via the remote control connector. With a Vertical Interval Key pulse input, Vertical Interval Test Signals can also be produced.

Product Family: TG-7/1, TG 7/1, TG7/1, TG-71, TG 71, TG71
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