Measurement Computing / IOtech DBK60 3-Slot Expansion Chassis
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Measurement Computing / IOtech DBK60 3-Slot Expansion Chassis


  • Customizable Panels Offer User Choice of Signal Connector Types
  • Accepts Up To Three DBK Analog Expansion Cards or Three DBK Digital Expansion Cards
  • Backplane Eliminates the Need for a Cascading Ribbon Cable
  • Enables Easy Card Installation
  • Rugged All Metal Construction for Portable Applications
  • Attaches to the P1 Analog Connector or P2 Digital Connector

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This Measurement Computing / IOtech DBK60 3-Slot Analog Expansion Module is new from surplus stock.

Termination Module sold separately.

Includes Splice Plate Kit P/N:232-0810
Click here to view a photo of the Splice Plate Kit.

Stock # 72512-5

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The Measurement Computing / IOtech DBK60 3-Slot Expansion Chassis allows IOtech’s data acquisition systems to be expanded with any combination of up to three analog or three digital DBK signal conditioning and expansion cards. Removable termination panels offer the user a choice of connector types including BNC, removable screw-terminal, thermocouple, and safety jack. Each panel includes pre-stripped wires by which the user can connect to any of the three DBK cards installed in the DBK60 enclosure. A user-customizable blank termination panel is also available for custom applications.

The Measurement Computing / IOtech DBK60 3-Slot Expansion Chassis' three-card internal backplane eases cabling by bringing all connections out to a single DB37, thus only a single cable is required to attach a DBK60 to a system. Analog and digital DBK cards cannot be mixed within one DBK60 en-closure, and thus a separate enclosure is required for analog or digital cards.

Product Family: DBK60, DBK601, DBK602, DBK604, DBK605-J, DBK605-K, DBK605_T, DBK606, DBK607, DBK608,
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