Molex / Woodhead / SST 5136-MOD-VME Interface Card
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Molex / Woodhead / SST 5136-MOD-VME Interface Card


  • Drives Modicon 800 Series I/O from a VME Host
  • Exchange of All I/O Data at 1.544 Megabits/second
  • All Serial and Parallel Communication Ports Available for Other Applications
  • I/O Data Available at Memory Access Speeds
  • Simplified Host Software Developement

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The Molex / Woodhead / SST 5136-MOD-VME Interface Card allows direct connection to the Modicon S908 Remote I/O network and the exchange of all I/O data at 1.544 Megabits/second without any loading of the host CPU.

The 5136-MOD-VME Interface Card interfaces with the host processor through shared memory. A documented host memory interface is provided. The card does not require external libraries, which simplifies custom driver development in your chosen operating system. DOS example programs with C source are included with each card to assist you with your software development.

The 5136-MOD-VME Interface Card builds a real-time data table of all the I/O events in dual-ported memory. This I/O data table is available to all the devices on the VME bus just by reading and writing to this data table. I/O communication status on all the devices on the I/O line is available every scan by reading the dual-ported RAM. Included with the interface card is the C language source code for data access routines. The Direct-Link interface card can be software configured after power up to reside anywhere in standard memory.

Product Family: 5136-SD-VME, 5136-MOD-ISA, 5136-MBP-MUL (Multibus I to Modbus Plus), 5136-MBP-QNX4 (QNX Device Administrator)
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Molex / Woodhead / SST 5136-SD-VME Datasheet (pdf) 
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