GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIPMC-7441 Real-Time Timers/Flash Memory
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GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIPMC-7441 Real-Time Timers/Flash Memory


  • Three Independent 32-Bit Timers
  • 4 MByte of Bootable Flash Memory
  • Single-Wide PMC mezzanine
  • 128 KByte of nonvolatile SRAM

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This GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIPMC-7441-000 Real-Time Timers / Flash Memory is used and in excellent condition.

Part Numbers: 332-757441-000A, 333-757441-000

Stock # 72539-3

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The GE Fanuc / VMIC VMIPMC-7441 is a PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) specifically designed to support embedded real-time operating system (OS) requirements. The VMIPMC-7441 features include independent 32-bit timers, 128 Kbyte of battery-backed SRAM, and 4 Mbyte of bootable flash memory.

The VMIPMC-7441 provides three independent 32-bit software-configurable timers. The timers can be used to provide accurate timing interrupts freeing the OS from burdensome software timing loops.

The VMIPMC-7441 has 128 Kbyte of battery-backed SRAM. This memory is provided to maintain system critical data even when power is lost. When host power is removed, the data can be retained for more than two years. This feature minimizes the down times required to reinitialize the system to its pre-shutdown state.

The VMIPMC-7441 has 4 Mbyte of flash memory. The flash memory allows maximum flexibility for applications which require bootable operation. The flash memory coupled with the bootable feature provides CPU diskless operation required by many embedded applications.

The VMIPMC-7441 is designed to meet all requirements, both physical and electrical, of the IEEE P1386.1 PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) specification and the IEEE P1386 Common Mezzanine Card (CMC) specification allowing users to connect this board to any processor board configured to receive a PMC-type card. The VMIPMC-7441 also conforms to Revision 2.1 of the PCI Local Bus Specification.

Product Family: VMIPMC-7441, Model 7441, VMIPMC7441, VMIPMC 7441
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