Anritsu MP1630B Digital Data Analyzer
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Anritsu MP1630B Digital Data Analyzer


  • Built-In 16-Channel Pulse Pattern Generator and Error detector Units
  • Continuous/Burst Signal Bit Error Measurement
  • Full Lineup of Patterns for Each Transmission Method
  • Auto Search Function
  • Error Analysis Functions

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This Anritsu MP1630B Digital Data Analyzer is used and in excellent condition.

Mainframe Options:
• Option 01: GPIB Interface Board
• Option 02: Ethernet Interface Board

Installed Options:
• MU163000A: 200M Clock Generator Unit with Option 01 Jitter Addition
• MU163020B: 200M 16-Channel Pulse Pattern Generator Unit
• MU163040B: 200M 16-Channel Error Detector Unit

Software Version 1.2

This unit includes the Anritsu MP1630B Manual, Anritsu MP1630B Operation Manual, and Anritsu MU163020B and MU163040B Operation Manual. View Photo of included manuals.

Stock # 72551-3

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The Antrisu MP1630B Digital Data Analyzer is a general-purpose bit error measuring instrument that can provide simultaneous measurements of multi-channel signals and burst signal measurements up to 200 MHz. The MP1630B is not only for continuous signals – it can measure burst-signal bit error rates as well. Consequently, it is easily able to handle burst signals used by TDMA (Time Domain Multiplex Access) methods and packet/cell transmissions.

The eye margin measurement function can be used to measure the threshold margin and the phase margin at a specific error rate. This data can be displayed graphically in an eye margin diagram. This function cannot be measured with an oscilloscope. The eye margin measurement is very useful for analysis of all the margins of the data signal.

The MP1630B is for a wide range of applications from R&D to manufacturing next-generation multimedia devices and digital equipment.

Product Family: MP1630B, MP-1630-B, MP 1630 B
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