Baldor / Reliance AutoMax 57C334 / 57C332 / 57C331 Mainframes
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Baldor / Reliance AutoMax 57C334 / 57C332 / 57C331 Mainframes


  • 6-Slot, 10-Slot, or 16-Slot
  • Mounts DCS 5000 and AutoMax Modules
  • P1 Bus Connector: IEEE Standard P796 Bus
  • P2 Bus Connector: IEEE Standard P796 Modified Bus
  • 100/120 VAC

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This Baldor / Reliance 57C331 16-Slot Rack is used and in excellent condition.

• 16-Slot
• 10 Amp AC Line Filter
• Two Fans

Backplane Part Number: 57516-1C

Stock # 72728-3

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The Baldor / Reliance AutoMax 57C334 / 57C332 / 57C331 Mainframes provide the mechanical means for mounting DCS 5000 and AutoMax Modules, as well as the Power Supply module. These racks are designed for panel mounting.

The Multibus backplane of the Rack supports two sets of bus lines that serve as the electrical connection for all slots in the Rack. The P1 bus, the larger of the two electrical connectors, conforms to the IEEE Microcomputer System Bus Standard for the P796 bus, compliance level D16M20116. This bus is used for communication and control signals among the different modules in the Rack. The P2 bus, the smaller of the two backplane electrical connectors, follows a Reliance pin assignment as permitted by the IEEE P796 standard. The P2 bus is used for functions such as determining the slot number of the module.

Product Family: 57C334, 57C332, 57C331, 57C493, 57C494
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Baldor AutoMax 57C334 / 57C332 / 57C331 Manual (pdf) 
Link to ABB / Baldor / Reliance Website