LI-COR Biosciences LI-1000 Datalogger
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LI-COR Biosciences LI-1000 Datalogger


  • 10 Channel Datalogger
  • Functions as both a Data Logging Device and a Multichannel, Autoranging Meter
  • Optimized for Highly Accurate Measurement
  • Well Suited to Measure Low Impedance Voltage Sensors

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The LI-1000 Datalogger will run on 6 D-Cell batteries, (batteries are not included).

• LI-1000 Datalogger
• AC Power Adapter; Part Number: 1000-02
• (2) 37-Pin "D" Connector; Part Number: 1000-12
• Carrying Case, Part Number: 1000-07

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Stock # 73073-2

This LI-COR Biosciences LI-1000 Datalogger is used and in good condition. The AC Adapter, additional cables, and accessories are not included. The LI-1000 Datalogger will run on 6 D-Cell batteries, (batteries are not included).

• LI-1000 Datalogger
• LI-190SA Quantum Sensor
• Transport Case (Case latch is broken)

Stock # 73073-1

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The LI-COR Biosciences LI-1000 DataLogger is a 10 channel datalogger that functions both as a data logging device and a multichannel, autoranging meter. The electronics of the LI-1000 have been optimized for highly accurate measurement of LI-COR radiation sensors which have a current signal. The LI-1000 is also well suited to measure low impedance voltage sensors such as thermocouples, and sensors with a pulsed output (tipping bucket rain gauges, etc.). A wide variety of other sensors for environmental and industrial test and measurement can also be measured with the LI-1000.

The LI-1000 has 10 channels for sensor inputs. Two current input channels are located on the two sealed BNC connectors. Six channels for current or single-ended voltage inputs, and two pulse counting channels are accessed using the 1000-05 or 1000-06A terminal blocks. The 1000-10 Thermocouple Terminal Block also provides connections for up to 5 thermocouples.

Product Family: LI-1000, L1-1000, LI1000, L11000
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LI-COR Biosciences LI-1000 Manual (pdf) 
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