National Instruments SCXI-1126 8-Channel Isolated Frequency Input Module
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National Instruments SCXI-1126 8-Channel Isolated Frequency Input Module


  • 8 Channels
  • Programmable Gain and Filter Settings per Channel
  • Programmable Threshold and Hysteresis per Channel
  • 333 kS/s Maximum Sampling Rate

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• Maximum Frequency: 128 kHz
• Input Signal: Up to 250 V

Part Numbers: 184642B-01, 184642C-01, 184345D-01, 184345E-01, 776572-26

Stock # 73229-1

• Maximum Frequency: 20 MHz
• Input Signal: TTL Level

Part Number: 745614-01

Stock # 73229-2

Part Number: 776572-26

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Stock # 73229-3

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The National Instruments SCXI-1126 is a signal conditioning module with eight isolated frequency input channels. Each channel of the NI SCXI-1126 includes a frequency-to-voltage conversion circuit with programmable input range, threshold, hysteresis, and filtering. The SCXI-1126 can measure the frequency of analog and digital signals with voltage levels as high as 1,000 VDC. The output voltages of the SCXI-1126 module are multiplexed onto a single channel of a DAQ device, so one can scan and acquire multiple frequency and analog input signals within a single high-speed scan operation.

Product Family: SCXI-1126, SCXI 1126,
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