Adlink NuDAQ 6208 / 6216 Series 8/16-CH 16-Bit Analog Output Modules
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Adlink NuDAQ 6208 / 6216 Series 8/16-CH 16-Bit Analog Output Modules


  • 16-Bit D/A Resolution
  • Bipolar Analog Range
  • 4-CH TTL Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • 8-CH Voltage Outputs (cPCI-6208V-GL)
  • 8-CH Current Outputs (cPCI-6208A)
  • 16-CH Voltage (cPCI-6216V-GL)

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• EXP-8V Daughter Board
• 16-Channel/16-Bit Voltage Output
• Rear I/O Installed

Part Number: 51-36303-0A2, 51-36303-0A20

Stock # 74426-5

Stock # 74426-1

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The Adlink NuDAQ 6208 / 6216 Series Output Modules are 8 or 16 channel, 16-Bit voltage output cards. They each offer +/-10V output range and 25V/us slew rates. Each channel is equipped with a dedicated digital-to-analog converter, and the output value of each channel can be updated individually. The optional daughter board EXP-8 provides high-quality voltage to current transducers.

These devices provide high resolution, high density analog output functionalities and are suitable for automation test equipment, signal generation, industrial process control, servo control, and several other industrial control applications.

Product Family: cPCI-6208V, cPCI 6208V, cPCI6208V, cPCI-6208VR, cPCI 6208VR, cPCI6208VR, cPCI-6208A, cPCI 6208A, cPCI6208A, cPCI-6208AR, cPCI 6208AR, cPCI6208AR, cPCI-6216V, cPCI 6216V, cPCI6216V, cPCI-6216VR, cPCI 6216VR, cPCI6216VR, NuIPC cPCI-6216VR
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Voltage Output
Number of Channels8 Voltage Outputs (cPCI-6208)
16 Voltage Outputs (cPCI-6216)
Resolution 16 bits
Output Ranges ±10 V
Current Output
Number of channels 8 Current Outputs (cPCI-6208A/cPCI-6208AR)
Resolution 15-Bit Typical
Monotonicity 14-Bit Typical
Output Ranges (Software Programmable) 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 5-25 mA