Teledyne / LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/Exerciser

Teledyne / LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/Exerciser

This LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/Exerciser is used and in excellent condition. This unit includes the power adapter and parallel host interface 3-meter 25-pin male-male cable.

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Stock # 74765-1
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Teledyne / LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/Exerciser

  • High-Speed, Full-Speed, and Low-Speed Analyzer and Exerciser as Host
  • Proprietary Built-In Repeater Interface Prevents Signal Distortion
  • Compliance Testing for Inrush, Suspend, Configured, and Un-Configured Current
  • Up to 480 Mbit/Sec Real-Time Continuous Performance Analyzer
  • Interactive "Linked" Exerciser Analyzer Operation in High, Full, and Low Speeds
  • Adjustable Data Out for Timing Characterization for Full and Low Speeds


The LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/Exerciser is a USB 2.0 serial bus analyzer capable of analyzing and exercising data transfers of up to 480 Mbit/sec. SBAE-20 detects the bus speed and analyzes the protocol accordingly.

A proprietary repeater circuitry is designed in as an interface to the analyzer to prevent signal distortion when the analyzer is introduced between the host and the device to analyze high speed protocols. The auxiliary connectors for device and host on the SBAE allow for testing USB Hub input and output. These two auxiliary ports can also be used as a second channel (full- and low-speed only) for the analyzer.

Eight user defined packets, including all USB protocol fields, are available to define patterns for capture and triggering. A flexible 32-state sequencer allows users to define a sequence of actions to be performed by the hardware depending on the events and packets on the USB bus. The Analysis and Exercising actions may be defined in the Sequencer to be conditional based on events on the bus.

The SBAE-20 has six counters and four timers to measure items as throughput of bus, efficiency of a device, bus usage by a device, data rate, etc. SBAE-20 detects up to 12 protocol errors simultaneously with sampling. The SBAE-20 samples inrush current for the initial 10 milliseconds with 0.2 µs resolution. This measurement is then displayed on the screen with a pass/fail report. SBAE-20 measures these currents with resolution of 2.7 mA for operating and un-configured current and 2.7 uA for suspend current.

Product Family: SBAE-20, SBAE20

Important Notice: Please note that any additional items included with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc. are specifically listed in the above stock item description and/or displayed in the photos of the equipment. Please contact one of our Customer Support Specialists if you have any questions about what is included with this equipment or if you require any additional information.

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Bus TypeUSB1.0 and USB 2.0
Bus Width1
Maximum Transaction Rate480 Mbit/sec
External Outputs8
External Inputs2
Maximum Memory Depth per Channel128 MB
Time-Tag40-bit time tag for every sixteen samples
Word Recognizer8
Trigger EventAny of the 8 defined packets, Boolean expression of them, 4 Bus States, Packet Error and 2 external inputs and a manual trigger
Event Counter Width24
Event Interval Measurement Width and Resolution32 / 60MHz
32 Level SequencerSupported at each level by Store, Set Trigger, Set Tag, Discard, If, Else IF and Start Exerciser
Counter UseCount accumulative, count more than, count less than
Time Tag
Counter40 bits
Recording DurationUp to 5 hours at 16.6ns
Reported DisplayAbsolute time from start, relative to Trigger point, relative to each packet sampled
Performance Analysis
Event Counter6 x 24 bits counter
Event Interval8 x 32 bits timer
Count ModeReset and accumulative
Measurement ReportsNormalized to largest per interval or reset to zero
Output ReportBar graph, Pie chart and histogram.
Display ModeColor 2D and 3D
Host CPU InterfaceReal time FIFOs
SearchOn Packet, Transaction and Event, forward and backward
FilterFilter in and out the packets, transactions and events in the viewer and save the result
ReportReport on sampled data on:
• Protocol errors
• Asynchronous transactions
• Synchronous transactions
• Setup transactions
• Split transactions
• Preamble transactions
• Packet count
• Bus events and timing
Bus Width1
Max Transaction Rate480 Mbit/s
Bus SpeedHigh, full, and low
LinkTo the analyzer, start in a defined state.
Data Block Generation
Data Block Generation with user defined pattern, walking bit, random pattern
1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 bytes wide
Up to 1024-byte depth
Easily generated in GUI interface
Current Measurement
Inrush200 ns sampling resolution, 20mA resolution 5A peak or 40mA resolution and 10 Amps peak
Operating/Un-Configured2.7mA resolution, 700mA maximum
Suspend2.7uA resolution, 700uA maximum

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Teledyne / LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/ExerciserTeledyne / LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/ExerciserTeledyne / LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/Exerciser
Teledyne / LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 USB Analyzer/Exerciser

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LeCroy / Catalyst SBAE-20 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Teledyne / LeCroy / Catalyst Website 

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