Curtiss-Wright / Systran ADC128F 12-Bit Simultaneous-Sampling A/D Converter
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Curtiss-Wright / Systran ADC128F 12-Bit Simultaneous-Sampling A/D Converter


  • Eight Independent Channels of 12-bit, Switched Capacitor SAR-based ADCs
  • Automatic Power-Up of All Eight ADC Channels Free Running, Updating the Current Value Table
  • The Current Value Table is Updated Every 8.625µs, with No-Wait Read-On-the-Fly IP Module Accesses
  • Hardware and Software Handshake Interfaces for Coupling other ADC128F1 IP Modules Together for Large Simul-Sampling Applications
  • Both the Relative Accuracy and Differential Nonlinearity are Guaranteed to ±1 LSB (max.)
  • Single-Ended Inputs can Accept Voltage Inputs to ±10V, with an Input Resistance of 16KO

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The Curtiss-Wright / Systran ADC128F 12-Bit Simultaneous-Sampling A-D Converter features eight, 12-bit, A-D channels, each equipped with its own A-D, which enables the ADC128F1 to sample groups of analog signals simultaneously. It is designed to maintain the highest possible accuracy by minimizing accumulative analog errors. Its modular design provides up to 40 channels of high-performance ADCs in a single VME slot using the VMESC5 carrier or up to 48 channels in a single PC slot using the ISASC6 carrier. The ADC128F1 can also be mixed with other IP Modules for a more customized, modular I/O system solution.

Product Family: ADC128F1, ADC128-F1, ADC-128-F1
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General Specifications
Physical Dimensions 1.800" x 3.900" x 0.303" (45.72 mm x 99.06 mm x 7.70 mm)
Weight 1.012 oz. (28.68 g)
Samples/Second/Channel 115942
Hardware Compatibility ANSI/VITA 4-1995
Electrical Requirements +5VDC @ 327mA
IP Transfer Types
I/O 8/16-bit writes of CSR, 16-bit reads of ADC data; No wait states, hold states supported
ID 8-bit read only; no wait states, hold states supported

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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Curtiss-Wright / Systran ADC128F1 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Curtiss-Wright / Systran Website