Pro-Face / Xycom 3715 Series Industrial Computer
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Pro-Face / Xycom 3715 Series Industrial Computer


  • 15.0" XGA TFT Color Flat Panel
  • Intel Pentium III Options Up To 1.26 GHz
  • Up To 512 MB DRAM (256 MB Standard)
  • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Port
  • Floppy Drive and CD-ROM Drive
  • Easily-Removable 40 GB Hard Drive
  • Four Available Expansion Slots (ISA, PCI, ISA/PCI, 0.5 Length PCI)
  • Parallel, RS-232 and RS-232 Or RS485, PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Ports

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This unit has cosmetic damage on its screen and buttons; however, this will not prevent it from functioning properly.

Part Number: 142953

View a Representative Photo of the cosmetic damage.

Stock # 76823-1

NEC FD3238H Floppy Drive, Part Number: 134-508054-324-0
Quanta Storage SCR-242 CD-ROM Drive, Part Number: SCR242BS

Stock # 76823-4

• Processor: Celeron 850Mhz
• Memory: 256 MB SDRAM DIMM

Part Numbers: 142131-001, 1907360083, 142131-001

Stock # 94505-1

This unit has no software installed on the hard drive. This unit has been priced accordingly.

Option: 850-256-CDF-2K

• Processor: Intel Celeron 850 MHz
• Memory: 256 MB DRAM
• Hard Drive: 40 GB HDD
• Display: 15.0" LCD Color Display
• Floppy Drive and CD-ROM Drive
• Operator Input: Reprogrammable 74-Position keypad and industrial mouse
• USB Port: (2) Rear, (1) Front
• Ethernet Port: Yes
• Parallel, RS-232 and RS-232 or RS485, PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports

Part Number: 3715-0102110004005

Stock # 76823-2

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The Pro-Face / Xycom 3715 Series units utilize a bright TFT 15.0" LCD flat panel display. Complex operations and screens can be displayed with clarity. XGA (1024 x 768) resolution is recommended. However, the 3715 units will display SXGA (1280 x 1024) resolution with some clarity degradation. The AGP graphics defaults to 4MB video RAM and will automatically share RAM (up to 32 MB) with the system to allow full 32-bit color depth.

With up to 1.26 GHz Pentium III processors available, the 3715 units can drive the most demanding applications. The 3715 units ship standard with a Pentium III 1 GHz CPU with 256K cache running at 133 MHz bus. A Pentium III 1.26GHz with 512K cache running at 133 MHz bus is an available option.

The 3715 units can be configured many different ways. With four available expansion slots (three full-length ISA/PCI, one ½-length PCI), many cost effective, industry standard options are easily integrated. The optional dual hard drive, solid-state drive, or externally accessible Compact Flash provide the storage solution you require. Additionally, the CD-ROM can be upgraded to CD-R/W/DVD-Read or DVD-R/W, so that even more storage and/or backup options are available.

Product Family: 3715T, 3715-T, 3715 T, 3715KPM, 3715-KPM, 3715 KPM, 3715KPMT, 3715-KPMT, 3715 KPMT
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