National Instruments SCXI-1540 8-Channel LVDT Input Module
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National Instruments SCXI-1540 8-Channel LVDT Input Module


  • 8 Channels
  • Programmable Input Range Per Channel (0.05 to 6 Vrms)
  • Programmable 1 or 3 Vrms Excitation Per Channel at 2.5, 3.3, 5, or 10 kHz
  • Multichannel Synchronization
  • 333 kS/s Maximum Sampling Rate (250 Hz Output Bandwidth)
  • Autocalibration In Case Excitation Required Differs From Level and Frequency SCXI-1540 Provides
  • 4 or 5-Wire Connections
  • Synchronization To External Excitation Frequency Available
  • Random Scanning
  • Lowpass Filter (250 Hz)
  • NI-DAQ Driver Software Simplifies Configuration, Measurement, and Scaling

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This National Instruments SCXI-1540 8-Channel LVDT Input Module is used and in excellent condition.

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The National Instruments SCXI-1540 8-channel linear variable differential transformers (LVDT) module provides the necessary conditioning to measure signals from transformer-based ratiometric position sensors, including LVDTs, rotary variable differential transformers (RVDTs), and resolvers. The NI SCXI-1540 offers both 4 and 5-wire connections for LVDTs and RVDTs. In addition, this module offers autocalibration without external hardware using NI-DAQ. As part of an SCXI system, you can scan the analog input channels of the SCXI-1540 along with other modules at rates up to 333 kS/s (3 μs per channel). Each of these modules can multiplex its signals into a single channel of the data acquisition (DAQ) device, and you can add modules to increase channel count. With random scanning capabilities, you select only the channels from which you want to acquire data.
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