Scientech Vector Series Laser Power Meters
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Scientech Vector Series Laser Power Meters


  • Digital LCD Display
  • Save, Range, Mode, Function, Select, Count Up, Count Down, and Cancel Membrane Buttons on Faceplate
  • IEEE488 and RS232C
  • Analog Input and Output BNC Connectors
  • Linear or Log Measurement Options
  • Large Dynamic Graphical Tuning Bar

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This Scientech S200 Laser Power Meter is used and in good condition. This unit has scratches on the LCD, however this does not affect the functionality of the unit.

View Photo of scratches.

Stock # 79259-2

This Scientech D200PC Laser Power Meter is used and in excellent condition.

Stock # 79259-1

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The Scientech Vector Series Laser Power Meters come in four different models which are configured at the factory. The S200 has a single, variable ohm and speed, channel. The D200P has both channels configured to accept any Vector pyroelectric detector. The D200C, the first dual channel calorimeter indicator, has both channels configured to accept any Astral calorimeter. The D200PC is configured with one pyroelectric channel which will accept any vector detector and with one calorimeter channel which will accept any Astral calorimeter.

All D200 dual channel ratiometers display measurements of channel A or B or the ratio of measurements of A/B or B/A. In addition, you may select either linear or log units of measure at the push of a button (ratio mode only). With the D200P and D200PC, you can calibrate pyroelectric detectors using the optical transfer calibration mode with a laser, a calibration transfer standard, and a beam splitter. This procedure yields a power calibration standard which you then enter manually. Each meter has a large dynamic graphical tuning bar which immediately depicts any measured change in power which is ideal for laser tuning.

Product Family: D200PC, D200P, D200C, S200
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Scientech Vector Series Manual (pdf) 
Link to Scientech Website