Teledyne / LeCroy SAS / SATA Tracer Analyzers and Trainer Exercisers
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Teledyne / LeCroy SAS / SATA Tracer Analyzers and Trainer Exercisers


  • CATC 10K Platform
  • Ability to Cascade Multiple Systems
  • Ability to Record Live Traffic
  • Ability to Playback the Exact Data Stream

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The LeCroy SAS SAS / SATA Tracer Analyzers and Trainer Exercisers, built on the CATC 10K platform, include both Tracer analyzers and Trainer exercisers, and can support both SAS and SATA traffic for either 3.0 or 1.5 Gbps speed. The SASTracer analyzer can have up to 4 sets of connectors, for capturing and displaying traffic from either 2- or 4-wide port configurations, or from up to 8 points along a complex topology. You can also cascade multiple systems to provide a synchronized display of SAS traffic across 8 or 16 links.

Available as an additional plug-in module, the SASTrainerTM exerciser is capable of transmitting a single link of 3.0 or 1.5 Gbps traffic (either SAS or SATA), while providing one or two recording channels. As a complete solution, the SASTracer/Trainer system gives you the unique ability to record live traffic and then playback the exact data stream using the Trainer. This saves time in setting up the Trainer operations and provides an easy way to recreate problems reported in the field.

LeCroy also offers solutions for SATA only. Available with 1, 2, or 4 recording channels, the SATracer 3G analyzer can tap between two 3.0 or 1.5 Gbps SATA links, and supports the SATA-II specification including SATA GEN2X for external connections.

Capable of a single lane of 3.0 or 1.5 Gbps traffic, the SATrainer exerciser provides both host and target side emulation. Integrated with the SATracer analyzer, you can convert trace files into a script for the Trainer in order to recreate bus traffic.

Product Family: SAS, SATA, SS
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