Keithley 590 CV Analyzer
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Keithley 590 CV Analyzer


  • Test Signal Voltage of 15mV rms
  • 0.1f Sensitivity to Test Small Devices
  • Measures Capacitance and Conductance
  • 100kHz, 1MHz, or 100kHz/1MHz Test Frequencies
  • Ranges up to 20 nF

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The left side screw cover molding is missing; however, this does not affect functionality.

Stock # 79502-1

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The Keithley 590 C-V Analyzer is used to measure capacitance versus voltage and capacitance versus time characteristics of semiconductor devices. The 590 C-V Analyzer, unlike other capacitance measurement instruments, has been tailored to the requirements of semiconductor device testing. The 590 C-V Analyzer offers a choice of 1 MHz frequency for compliance with existing test standards or 100kHz for improved resolution, range, and accuracy. Optimized for better performance and accuracy, the 590 C-V features a selectable measurement rate, varying between 1 and 1000 readings per second, and a filter to optimize speed and resolution trade offs. The 590 C-V offers sophisticated correction for transmission line errors due to device connections, as well as featuring a built-in test setup and correction value storage, analysis, and plotter control to minimize computer programming.

The 590 C-V's ability to measure both capacitance versus voltage and capacitance versus time makes it ideal when determining characteristics such as semiconductor doping profiles, threshold voltage, oxide characteristics, mobile ion density, interface trap density, and minority carrier life-time.

Product Family: 590 CV, 590 C-V
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Keithley 590 C-V Analyzer Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Keithley Website