National Instruments cRIO-911x Reconfigurable Embedded Chassis
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National Instruments cRIO-911x Reconfigurable Embedded Chassis


  • Easy-to-Use LabVIEW FPGA Automatically Synthesizes Electrical Circuit Implementation
  • NI CompactRIO Extreme Industrial Certifications and Ratings
  • Design Hardware in LabVIEW
  • 4- or 8-slot Chassis for any CompactRIO I/O Module
  • DIN-Rail Mount, 19 in. Rack Mount, and Panel Mount Options
  • RIO FPGA Core Executes at Default Rates of 40 MHz, and Can be Compiled to Run Even Faster

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The NI cRIO-911x Reconfigurable Embedded Chassis are the heart of the CompactRIO system because they contain the reconfigurable I/O (RIO) core. You program the RIO field-programmable gate array (FPGA) core, which has an individual connection to each I/O module, with easy-to-use elemental I/O functions to read or write signal information from each module. Because there is no shared communication bus between the RIO FPGA core and the I/O modules, you can precisely synchronize I/O operations on each module with 25 ns resolution. The RIO core can perform local integer-based or fixed-point signal processing and decision making and directly pass signals from one module to another. It is connected to the CompactRIO real-time controller through a local PCI bus interface. The real-time controller can retrieve data from any control or indicator on the RIO FPGA application front panel through an easy-to-use scan interface or simple FPGA Read/Write function. The RIO FPGA can also generate interrupt requests (IRQs) to synchronize the real-time software execution with the RIO FPGA. Typically, the real-time controller is used to convert the integer-based I/O data to scaled floating-point numbers. In addition, it performs single-point control, waveform analysis, data logging, and Ethernet/serial communication. The reconfigurable chassis, real-time controller, and I/O modules combine to create a complete stand-alone embedded system.

Product Family: cRIO-9111, cRIO-9112, cRIO-9113, cRIO-9114, cRIO-9115, cRIO-9116, cRIO-9117, cRIO-9118
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