Keithley KPCI-3107 / KPCI-3108 PCI Bus Data Acquisition Boards
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Keithley KPCI-3107 / KPCI-3108 PCI Bus Data Acquisition Boards


  • Temperature and Voltage Measurement
  • Vibration, Pressure, and Strain Measurements
  • Analog Stimulus Response Testing
  • Relay Control and Switching

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The Keithley KPCI-3107 / KPCI-3108 PCI Bus Data Acquisition Boards offer all the functionality you need to address your measurement tasks, from high and low gains to digital control and event-counting capability, from fully flexible channel programming to waveform-quality outputs. Its high-gain capabilities allow direct thermocouple measurement, and its autozero capabilities eliminate undesired measurement drifts. The multifunction KPCI-3107/3108 data acquisition boards provide high resolution and a wide gain range. Each board provides 12 gains (1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 20, 40, 80, 100, 200, 400, and 800) in both bipolar and unipolar modes, providing a total of 24 ranges on one board. The gain for each channel can be programmed separately, allowing a wide variety of sensors to be used with each board.

The two analog outputs on the KPCI-3108 produce waveform quality outputs suitable for use as general-purpose audio sources. Both boards provide high-current digital outputs for sinking (64mA) and sourcing (15mA), allowing the KPCI-3107/3108 to drive indicators and relays directly without the need for interface circuitry.

These boards feature high speed data acquisition, even when channels are set at different gains and in non-sequential order using DMA or interrupt-based data transfer modes. Also, each channel in the gain queue can be individually programmed as bipolar or unipolar and differential or single ended. Because the channel-gain queue is implemented in hardware, channels on expansion boards can be selected at full speed. The KPCI- 3107/3108 support bus mastering, interrupt, or target mode data transfer methods.

The programmable burst mode capability allows you to acquire data from a series of channel scans at high speed with a programmed interval between scans. This mode also emulates a simultaneous sampleand- hold function in lower speed applications.

These boards feature flexible clocking, triggering, and gating modes. The boards can be configured to accept external pacer clock input or to use the onboard time base to provide a conversion rate from 4.32 Samples/hour to 100kSamples/s. Any single channel can be sampled at any gain at up to 100kSamples/s. In addition, multiple channels can be sampled at aggregate rates of up to 100kSamples/s. External hardware trigger and gate inputs allow precise control over when data is acquired, and flexible trigger modes allow the acquisition of data in relationship to a specific event. An event that starts or stops acquisition can be either an internal or an external digital trigger.

Product Family: KPCI3108, KPCI-3108, KPCI 3108, KPCI-3107, KPCI3107, KPCI 3107
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Keithley KPCI-3107 / KPCI-3108 Datasheet (pdf) 
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