North Atlantic 8800 Angle Position Indicator
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North Atlantic 8800 Angle Position Indicator


  • Uses Exclusive LSI Triglogic Processor
  • Full Tracking Type II Servo
  • Synchros or Resolvers to Speeds of 1000°/Second Without Velocity Errors
  • Accepts the Specified Line-to-Line Levels Without Pre-Selecting or Pre-Programming the Input Signals
  • Data is Presented on the Front-Panel Using Planer Gas Discharge Information Displays

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This unit has a scratched display; however, this does not affect its ability to function properly.

• 0.000° to 359.999°; 47-440Hz

View Representative Photo of scratched display.

Stock # 84830-2

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The North Atlantic 8800 Angle Position Indicator is an extension of the instrument product line using the exclusive LSI Triglogic processor. It is full tracking type II servo which follows synchros or resolvers to speeds of 1000°/second without velocity errors. It accepts the specified line-to-line levels without pre-selecting or pre-programming the input signals. The converted synchro or resolver data is presented on the front-panel using planer gas discharge information displays.

Product Family: 8800, 88OO
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North Atlantic 8800 Manual (pdf) 
Link to North Atlantic Website