WinSystems PCM-518 Intelligent PC/104 Sensor Interface Module
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WinSystems PCM-518 Intelligent PC/104 Sensor Interface Module


  • (8) Channels of 16-Bit A/D Resolution
  • Each Channel Software Programmable for Sensor Type and Gain
  • True Four-Wire Circuits for Resistive Sensors
  • Pulsed Excitation Source Reduces Self-Heating in Resistive Sensors
  • Totally Electronic Calibration, No Trimpots to Adjust

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This WinSystems PCM-518 8-Channel Sensor Interface Module is new from surplus stock. This unit includes a hardware kit.

Part Number: 0400090

Stock # 85601-1

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The WinSystems PCM-518 Intelligent PC/104 Sensor Interface Module is a complete 8 channel analog subsystem designed to offer a simple and inexpensive way to acquire high precision sensor data for any PC/104 based system. It is optimized for temperature and low level signal measurements and includes signal filtering, sensor excitation and linearization on all channels. The onboard CPU performs all data acquisition control and preprocesses the data, thus reducing the software overhead by the PC/104 Bus host CPU.

Product Family: PCM-518, PCM518, PCM 518
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WinSystems PCM-518 Datasheet (pdf) 
WinSystems PCM-518 Manual (pdf) 
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