Tektronix AM 503 Series AC/DC Current Probe Amplifiers
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Tektronix AM 503 Series AC/DC Current Probe Amplifiers


  • AC/DC Measurements
  • Manual Current Probe Amplifier
  • External Controller or Manual Operation

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The current adjustment knob on this unit is chipped and the ejector handle is missing; however, this will not affect its ability to function properly.

View Photo of chipped current adjustment knob.

Stock # 87446-2

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The Tektronix AM 503 Series AC/DC Current Probe Amplifiers offers split core probes that incorporate both a transformer for AC and a Hall Effect Device for DC measurements to provide broadband current measurements from DC to 50 MHz. The AM 5030 programmable current probe amplifier automates time consuming manual measurements via a GPIB command set. The industry standard AM 503S current probe system provides a complete current measurement system in a single package. The AM 5030 with a GPIB interface adds programmability to the versatile AM 503B. Also, the AM 5030 enables the user to use automated techniques to make wide bandwidth AC/DC current measurements.

Product Family: AM 503, AM 5030, AM 503S, AM 503B
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Manuals, Datasheets, Drivers, Links

Tektronix AM 503 Series Datasheet (pdf) 
Tektronix AM 503 Series Manual (pdf) 
Link to Tektronix Website