DynamicSignals / GaGe CompuScope 8500 Ultra-Fast Waveform Digitizer Card for PCI Bus
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DynamicSignals / GaGe CompuScope 8500 Ultra-Fast Waveform Digitizer Card for PCI Bus


  • 500 MS/s A/D Sampling
  • Up to 2 GB On-Board Acquisition Memory
  • Multi-Card Systems of up to 8 Channels at 500 MS/s
  • Fast Data Transfer Rate to System Ram
  • 250 MHz Bandwidth
  • 44 dB SNR

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• Memory: 8MB
• Optional External Clock, Part Number: 850-181-005

Part Number: 850-151-005

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The DynamicSignals / GaGe CompuScope 8500 Ultra-Fast Waveform Digitizer Card for PCI Bus can sample one analog input at speeds up to 500 MS/s with 8 bit resolution and store the data in the very deep on-board memory. The CS8500 uses a high-quality flash A/D converter which can digitize at 500 MS/s rate. In other words, a new sample is taken every 2 nanoseconds. An on-board crystal-controlled timing circuit ensures timebase accuracy and long-term thermal stability of CompuScope 8500.

In order to maximize the capabilities of the CompuScope 8500, two separate inputs have been provided and the user has the ability to select between the two. The first input has 50 Ω input impedance and provides very high bandwidth. No input protection is provided for this input and the user must ensure that the amplifiers are not over-driven. The second input has 1 MΩ input impedance. This input has on-board input protection circuitry and up to 90 MHz bandwidth.

CompuScope 8500 is available with on-board acquisition memory depths of 2M, 8M, 16M, 128M, 512M, 1G and 2G. The on-board memory can be used as a circular buffer for storage of pre- and post-trigger data. The maximum number of sample points that the CompuScope 8500 can capture is equal to the memory depth of the model being used; for example, the 2 MB model can store 2 megasamples of data. The data stored in the CompuScope 8500 memory can be transferred to the system RAM for post processing, display or storage to hard disk without any interface bus (no GPIB bus required).

Product Family: CompuScope 8500
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DynamicSignals / GaGe CompuScope 8500 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to DynamicSignals / GaGe Website