Technobox 2938 PMC to PCI Adapter
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Technobox 2938 PMC to PCI Adapter


  • 64-Bit PMC to PCI
  • Highly Acceptable Delivery Solution for Desktop Applications
  • Improves PCI Bus Signal Integrity
  • Provides a Clean Clock Signal
  • Fan Effectively Cools Higher-Powered PMC Cards

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This unit is the PCI to PMC adaptor only and does not have the LEDs, fan assembly or additional user I/O options.

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The Technobox 2938 PMC to PCI Adapter is 64-bit PMC to PCI Adapter that permits delivery of PMC-derived applications in a standard PCI environment.

Mechanically, a PMC card fits cleanly on a short-length PCI board, resulting in a highly acceptable delivery solution for desktop applications. PMC suppliers can introduce products to desktop packaging without having to maintain two PCI-based designs - one for standard PCI and a second for PMC.

This product has been specifically designed to improve PCI bus signal integrity while still retaining the convenience of a passive adapter. The PCI bus CLK signal is buffered with a zero-delay circuit and is series terminated thereby providing a clean clock signal as seen by the PMC card. The key control signals onthe PCI bus (IRDY, TRDY, FRAME, etc.) are Schottkydiode clamped to ground in order to reduce signal undershoot. The 32-bit PCI bus has 10 ohm series termination which reduces undershoot/overshoot on the address/data lines. Because the distance from the 64-bit PCI databus (AD[63..32]) to the corresponding PMC connector (PN3) is minimal, a direct connection from the edge finger to the AD[63..32] is implemented for these signals.

A fan on the adapter, under the central area of the PMC card, is provided to effectively cool higher-powered PMC cards. The dimensions and positioning of the fan adheres to the IEEE 1386 PMC component height restrictions, allowing use of any IEEE 1386 compliant PMC in the adapter.

Product Family: 2938
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Technobox 2938 Datasheet (pdf) 
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