Microchip / Hampshire / RTF PICSTART Plus Development System
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Microchip / Hampshire / RTF PICSTART Plus Development System


  • Reads, Programs, Verifies all Configuration Bits
  • Programs and Verifies an Address Range
  • Reads, Programs, Verifies EPROM and EEPROM Program and Data Memory

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This is a lightly used demo unit.

Included Accessories:
• PICSTART Plus Development System Software
• PICSTART Plus Development Programmer
• MPLAB IDE Development Software
• MPLAB IDE Development Software (Seminar Version)
• RS-232 to RS-232 Cable

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Part Number: 10-00157

Stock # 89852-1

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The Microchip / Hampshire / RTF PICSTART Plus Development System makes designing with Microchip MCUs simple and affordable. The PICSTART Plus development suite from Microchip Technology provides the product development engineer with a highly-flexible, low-cost microcontroller (MCU) design tool set for all Microchip PICmicro MCU devices (DIP packages up to 40 pins with optional 68 and 84 PLCC capability). The PICSTART Plus development system runs on any PC-compatible machine operating under the Microsoft Windows operating system. PICSTART Plus is easy-to-use and features Microchip's highly acclaimed MPLAB Integrated Development Environment (IDE), with its built-in editor, assembler and Windows-based MPLAB SIM simulator. The PICSTART Plus development system includes full documentation, software, development programmer, and a device sample.

Product Family: PICSTART Plus
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