Exfo IQ-5240 High-performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer
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Exfo IQ-5240 High-performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer


  • Modular Integration (IQ-200 Optical Test System)
  • High-Performance Technical Specifications
  • Telecom Range: 1250 to 1650 nm
  • GPIB Interface

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Model Number IQ-5240
Connector: PC*

*This unit comes with the standard Exfo optical interface as shown here. The Exfo Universal Interface (EUI) Connector Adapters are sold separately. They can be purchased here.

Stock # 53407-25

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The Exfo IQ-5240 High-performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer delivers high-quality signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) measurements for WDM test applications and is designed to improve your productivity. In narrowly spaced systems, high-power peaks can plague secondary wavelengths generated by non-linear effects such as four-wave mixing and self-phase modulation. If your analyzer lacks dynamic range, it can misread new generated wavelengths or amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) between peaks. The IQ-5240 OSA design meets most requirements for systems with 50 GHz spacing since it delivers an optical rejection ratio of 40 dBc at 25 GHz (0.2 nm) from a high-power, spectrally narrow peak.

The IQ-5240 is a double-pass Littman-Metcalf monochromator that provides premium filter resolution bandwidth (65 pm in C-band) with a steep, high-rejection shape. The OSA grating rotates on a gearless DC motor. A high-resolution encoder locates and controls the filter position at all times. Linearity and stability are guaranteed due to an innovative optical design limiting misalignment and inaccuracies.

Product Family: IQ-5240, IQ5240
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Exfo IQ-5240 Datasheet (pdf) 
Link to Exfo Website