Exfo IQ-9600 Utility Module
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Exfo IQ-9600 Utility Module


  • Secures and Standardizes Integration of Couplers, Isolators, Filters and Bragg Gratings to IQ-200
  • Consists of Empty IQ Module Frames
  • One or Two Slot Models

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Part Number: IQ-9601-03-E1
(1) Slot
(3) Connectors

Stock # 90395-1

Part Number: IQ-9601-03-B54-05
1x2 Coupler
1/99 Ratio
SC Connector

Stock # 53407-27

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The Exfo IQ-9600 Utility Module secures and standardizes the integration of couplers, isolators, filters and Bragg gratings into the IQ-200 Optical Test System. Without it, these passive optical components end up loose on the workbench and may be damaged or misaligned.

The IQ-9600 Utility Module consists of empty IQ module frames designed to house non-electronic elements (there are no electrical connections) in the IQ-200 Optical Test System.

Product Family: IQ-9600, IQ9600, IQ-9601, IQ9601, IQ-9602, IQ9602
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Exfo IQ-9600 Datasheet (PDF) 
Link to Exfo Website