National Instruments TBX-1316 High-Voltage Attenuator Terminal Block
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National Instruments TBX-1316 High-Voltage Attenuator Terminal Block


  • 200:1 Attenuation (Fixed)
  • 8 Differential Input Channels
  • Lockable Shielded Metal Enclosure
  • Screw-Terminal Signal Connectivity
  • Secure Strain-Relief Wire Collars
  • Flanges for Panel Mounting

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This unit does not contain the internal circuit board. It is for part number: 777207-16.

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Stock # 55024-84

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The National Instruments TBX-1316 High-Voltage Attenuator Terminal Block is designed for use with the SCXI-1125, SCXI-1120/D, and SCXI-1126 analog input modules. The NI TBX-1316 extends the input voltage range for AC/DC signals to 1,000 V for Category I installations and 600 V for Category II installations. For voltage measurements, the TBX-1316 is recommended for use with the SCXI-1125, but can also be used with the SCXI-1120/D. For frequency measurements, you can use the TBX-1316 with the SCXI-1126.

The TBX-1316 provides 200:1 attenuation for eight differential input channels. Screw terminals provide connectivity for primary, neutral, and ground connections. Additionally, wire strain-relief collars secure cables in place. A rigid metal enclosure ensures safety and proper grounding and also assists in easy panel-mount installation. The TBX-1316 contains calibration EEPROMs, which when used with the SCXI-1125, provide calibration information specific to each input channel. The SH3232 shielded cable should be used to connect the TBX-1316 to the analog input module.

Product Family: TBX-1316, TBX1316, TBX 1316
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